Is Your Neighborhood in Boca Raton Florida Dog Friendly?


Is Your Neighborhood Dog Friendly?Whether you’re looking for a new home or selling your current one in Boca Raton FL, it’s good to know whether or not the neighborhood is dog friendly and, if so, what type of dog friendly. If you’re buying, you’ll want the peace of mind knowing there are amenities that cater to your best friend. If you’re selling, you can tout all the ways your community is great for buyers with pets. Ask yourself these questions to determine whether or not your neighborhood is up to snuff.

Are there sidewalks?

It might not occur to you at first, but sidewalks are a great benefit to dog owners. Think about it – if you walk your dog in the morning and evening, isn’t it better to walk on the sidewalk than in the street? Many newer subdivisions don’t have sidewalks, making it more difficult and possibly even dangerous to walk a dog regularly.

Is there a dog park nearby?

Obviously, having a dog park nearby signals that your neighborhood is open to residents with dogs. But don’t forget to check the pet restrictions for that particular neighborhood.  Then take a closer look. How do the dogs at the park behave? Are the owners engaged with them, or letting them run unsupervised? Do the dogs that are there seem well socialized? Are fights breaking out, or do the dogs play together well? In Boca Raton, FL we are lucky and have two dog parks.  

How many vets, groomers or pet stores are in the neighborhood?

If your neighborhood is one that cares about its pets, it’s going to have services nearby. How many vets are in the community? What kind of reviews have they received online? Are there pet stores nearby? If so, what kind? Are they all big-box retailers, or are there some smaller, mom-and-pop shops, too? There are several smaller specialty pet shops in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas.  Will you have easy access to a local groomer? Is the groomer well liked by local dog owners?  

Are there pet waste stations for dog walkers?

Here’s another good indicator that your neighborhood is dog friendly – common walkways are equipped with pet waste stations. These stations will include a supply of small plastic bags, making it easy for walkers to curb their dogs. Dog waste is considered an environmental pollutant. The presence of these stations shows that not only do the neighbors care about their pets; they also care about each other’s property and keeping it clean.

Are local restaurants and stores welcoming?

Boca Raton’s Town Center Mall is pet friendly to small dogs.

Nothing beats an evening out for a delicious local dinner – unless you can bring your dog along, too. How many restaurants in the neighborhood welcome dogs to their patios or outdoor seating areas? Do they offer water or snacks for your dog? Are the local stores welcoming to leashed dogs and their owners?  Well, I can tell you Boca Raton is dog friendly – even Town Center Mall!

Does the city offer low cost spay and neuter programs?

Finally, take a look to see if the city offers low cost or subsidized spay and neuter programs for low income residents. This shows a dedication to the health and safety of the entire city’s pet population, no matter their owner’s ability to pay for what may be costly procedures.

When buying or selling, it’s a great idea to think about just how dog friendly your neighborhood is. Because in the end, most people consider their dogs to be members of the family, and who wouldn’t want to make choices that are in their best interest?

Compliments of Elyse Berman

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