Elyse Berman Client Testimonial


My husband and I have bought and sold houses around the world. We just recently did so in Florida.

Elyse was recommended by a friend in Los Angeles, and from the first time we met I knew she was a professional. I might add that we had met a few other agents before choosing her.

When an experienced professional takes charge of your home you feel support, understanding and safety.

Every detail was dealt with in advance of any possible problem. Elyse was calm and in charge through out the experience.

Her consideration of our home and belongings was kind and sensitive. We never felt and negativism or impatience.

She had a steady hand in dealing with prospective buyers and agents involved.

We were not in Florida during any of the negotiations, and always felt that Elyse had our interests completely covered.

The sale was fast and fastidious. All documents correct, and she always went above and beyond her professional limits.

I have never enjoyed this experience as much, and never felt so well looked after.

Thank you Elyse for a job extremely well done.

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