How to sell your Boca Raton home if you have pets

I know you love them, but when it comes time to selling  your home with pets, there are certain things you should do to prepare your home for sale.  Not everyone is a raving dog fan like you and I.  Taking that into consideration, the following are tips for selling a home with pets.  


Selling A Home with Pets in Boca RatonNo one likes to walk in and smell anything pet related.  It’s like walking in and smelling smoke.  Buyers will beat it out of there ASAP.  So, the following are my best suggestions as both a dog owner and working as a REALTOR® in south Florida for many years.


My top tips for selling a home with pets

1. If possible, remove pets during the sale.  Can they stay with your children?  A relative?  A friend?  This may or may not be possible, and please, please, don’t be upset when I say this.  I understand if you don’t want to do it but realize not all buyers like pets.  They may have allergies; they may be deathly afraid of animals  Pets can also be distracting during showings.  You just never know.  Ok, let’s move on.


2.  Keep your house ultra clean.  Clean floors, carpets, any pet stains.  Hire professionals – they can steam clean tile floors, carpets and remove those pet stains.  If the carpet is beyond cleaning, replace it.  It will be worth it in the long run – it will bring you more money.  And please don’t use air fresheners – they just mask the smell.  We found one house with dryer sheets in the air conditioner vents.  Really?  There is a great pet cleaner called Fizzion for spot cleaning.


advice for when your'e Selling A Home with Pets | Boca Raton3. Litter boxes – No one wants to see them or, for that matter, potty pads.  Pick them up or move them during showings.  And keep them clean – constantly –  while your home in on the market.  I walked into a house with litter boxes and an intense smell of cat urine that was so bad we had to leave immediately.  We didn’t even stay to see the house.  What a shame for the owner who may have lost a good buyer by not cleaning their house and keeping it clean  while it was on the market.


4.  Put away the dog and cat toys.  Put away all things pet related – cages, crates, cat poles, leashes, etc..  You want to sell your house, don’t you?  I know you love your pets, as do I, but now is the time to do business and you want to net the highest price possible for your house.


5.  Remove Max and Coco during showings.  If they’re small and cute, they’re often distracting.  Dog people will stop and play with them instead of looking at your house.  Some buyers are deathly afraid of animals.  Some have allergies.  If they’re large dogs or even small  barkers, even if they’re crated, it’s very distracting.  If you have a showing, arrange for them to be out of the house at that time.  Take them for a walk or a ride in the car.  If you can’t do it, ask a friend or arrange for a time that you can.  I understand you may work and it’s not always possible, but please try.  I also understand how the dog feels; it’s their house and strangers are walking in.


If you have reptiles, remove them.  Period.  Many people are terrified of reptiles and will run out of the house as fast as possible.


selling your home in Boca Raton if you have pets | Selling A Home with Pets6.  If there is any damage that was caused by your pets, repair it.  It may cost you a little but remember, these are tips for selling a house with pets, and that’s what you’re aiming to do.  Isn’t it?


Buyers need to imagine themselves living in your house.  These things create distractions for buyers.  If you are a seller preparing to sell your home with pets, please follow these simple tips.  They will greatly improve your chances of getting your house sold and for more money than a stinky house.


7. This is an important one.  There is liability involved.  If your dog happens to bite someone, you can be held liable.  Who needs the aggravation?  If your pet has to be left home, please put her or him in a crate with a note saying “do not disturb” and give the same instructions to the showing agent stressing that these instructions must be followed.  Remember, it may be just as stressful for your pet to move.  With strangers entering their house, they may become uncomfortable.


how to sell your home with pets - Boca Raton FLThese are all important steps to getting your house sold with pets.  Following these tips for selling a house with pets will ultimately net your more in the long run.  This article is written about Boca Raton, FL but the same holds true for Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and Deerfield Beach or any other city in the country  Wherever.  Buyers want to buy a clean house!  Follow these tips for selling a house with pets in Boca Raton FL.




The above real estate information was provided by ELYSE BERMAN, PA.  She can be reached at (561) 716-7824 cell/text or at [email protected].   Elyse has helped people buy and sell real estate in Palm Beach County for the past 14 years.

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Tips for Selling A Home With Pets in Boca Raton Florida

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