buyers agent in highland beach florida 33487Should I hire a Buyer’s Agent?  Yes!  People are often confused  whether to hire one or not, so let me explain why you should hire a real estate agent.  Buying a condo or house is one of the largest purchases you will likely make in your lifetime.  This is not the time to be dollar wise and penny foolish, as they say.  Especially when buyer’s agents work for FREE!


People think it’s easy today because everything is online.  Sure, the listings are online and there are even “comps,”  if you can call them that because they may or may not be right.  So, if you want to go it alone, go ahead.  Remember, Buyer Beware.  But, having a real estate agent who knows the ins and outs of the the area, neighborhoods, communities, potential pitfalls and more and will go to bat for you 100% is not something major search engines do.  In fact, they won’t and they don’t.


For example, when you pull comps for non-gated communities  or gated communties in Boca Raton, search engines don’t know why or if one community commands more money.  I do.  I’ve even seen this with appraisers who come from out of the area.  They typically go by square footage and upgrades.  But the fact is that some communities command more money, and that’s just the way it is.  When a house is overpriced, I know it – the public may not.


Let’s take it a step further and say you are looking for pet friendly gated communities in Boca Raton FL.  Do you really think a website knows if a specific community will take your 90 lb Labrador or 3 dogs, one of which is  German Shepherd?   They do not!   The same thing applies if you are looking for pet friendly condos in Boca Raton or pet friendly 55+ communities in Delray Beach FL.  The website doesn’t know,and even if it says so, the listings are often wrong.


New Construction

buyers agents for new construction in south floridaBuying new construction and think you don’t need a buyer’s agent?  Think again!  You definitely do!  The builder is there to sell houses.  He and his agent do not work for you.  Although they may be very nice and helpful, they are not your friends.


The builder and his staff don’t care if you buy a lot backing electrical lines for the entire community,  that corner lot or a house backing the turnpike, both of which you will have a hard time re-selling.  They only care that you buy something – anything.  They are not going to tell you the negatives, but i will.  Because it will affect your ability to re-sell your house.


I give my clients the good, the bad and the ugly so they can make a decision they are comfortable and can live with.  Then when they choose to go ahead, they are fully informed of all the things the builder and his salespeople will not tell you.  My reviews by past buyer clients speak for themselves, how we went through the process together and how they felt about it.   Always check your buyer’s agent’s reviews online.


You aren’t going to save any money if you show up at the builder without an agent.  Commissions are paid in full or split between two agents at closing.  If you show up and sign in without an agent, the builder will just keep the half commission your buyer’s agent would have made.  The builder will not reduce the price of the house because you came without an agent.  This is what happens.  Builders don’t sell for less; they collect double at closing.


accredited buyers representative in boynton beach fl for new constructionSome builders are strict when it comes to buyers coming in with their agents.  Buyers  must bring their agents on the first visit and walk in together.  If not, the agent cannot be paid.  Another one insists that a buyer not have registered in the community within the past two years or they cannot come in as your buyer’s agent.  Builders are enjoying good times now, so they make it harder for the real estate agents.  When the market is bad, they beg us to bring them buyers.



accredited buyers agent in boca raton floridaAs a buyer of new construction, you need representation.  You need someone on your side, someone willing to help and fight for you.   Hire a buyer’s agent.  And this brings us to another issue.  Not all real estate agents are created equal.  Some agents call themselves “buyer’s agents” and some are really Accredited Buyer’s Agents – ABR – accredited by the National Association of Realtors and REBAC, Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Council.  They have gone for extra education and know  how to get the job done with buyers.  Which one would you rather have?  Right!  The ABR – Accredited Buyer’s Agent.  Look for it when looking for buyer’s agent’s.


Another difference is that not all real estate agents are REALTORS®.  REALTORS® are members of the National Association of Realtors and subscribe to the Code of Ethics.  This is very important as the Code of Ethics protects the public and other real estate agents.  I hate to say it, but not everyone thinks of the buyer first.  As a REALTOR®, you must think of the buyer first.  Period.


You need to feel comfortable in a house.  You need to feel as if this could be home.  I can point out and show you the best deals, but if you’re not comfortable there, what good is it?  The decision is yours.




A buyer’s agent will  likely to ask you to sign an agreement.  Do it.  It’s for both your well beings.  It creates a loyalty between you both and guarantees your agent will get paid.  Only one brokerage can get paid at closing, so people who hop from listing agent to buyer agent and all over the place often create havoc for the real estate agents as well as themselves.


Exclusive Buyer Agents don’t tie you up forever.  The agreement should be discussed and worked to the mutual satisfaction of both buyer and real estate agent.  A good buyer’s agent will never let you miss that listing that just hit the market.  They work for you – for FREE  – because they get paid by the seller at closing.


A good buyer’s agent will have you get pre-approved before showing homes.  This is important so we don’t waste your time or ours.  I want to show you exactly what fits, and a pre-approval is a powerful weapon to have.  If you fall in love with a house and decide to submit an offer, we need to submit it ASAP accompanied by the pre-approval or proof of funds.  Why?  Because our offer will likely be returned to us requesting pre-approval or proof of funds.  You must be prepared.  We may not find the house today, but when it happens, it happens fast.


There are a few communities with new construction.  The builder in any of these communities will not tell you their community may not be the best fit for you or, that the community down the street may be better or, that this house backs the turnpike and they’re going to expand the turnpike in this area.  They want your signature on the dotted line and they’re persuasive.  That is the builder’s goal and they’re very good at it.


I make my living from selling real estate, but I also need to sleep at night.  I’ll tell you those things, the good and the bad, the pros and cons.  They won’t tell you about the insane traffic, but I will.  If you choose to still go ahead with the house, okay, so be it.  But, at least, you know the truth.  Or, you may choose something different.


I don’t get paid until I close a sale, so if I ask you to sign a buyer’s agreement and you won’t, it presents a problem.  Why?  Because unlike what most people think, real estate is not as easy as it looks.  No, I don’t walk around with a big ring of keys just opening doors.


As a buyer’s agent,  I research and match people with properties and this takes time – a lot of time – especially if they have pets.  We need to be a good fit – you have to be comfortable and happy with me and I the same with you.  If it works, we have a match and, anyone who has used me will tell you, I go to the extra mile for my clients to get the job done.



Don’t call the listing agent or the name on the sign or an ad or the listing online – to see a house.  Call a buyer’s agent.  It is much the same as with the builder.  What most people don’t understand is that the seller of that house has a contract with the listing agent to get them the highest price possible. The listing agent has a fiduciary duty to the seller.  So why, as a buyer, would you think a listing agent or builder will get you a good deal or work for you?


This came on a card mailed to my house by, you guessed it, a listing agent.  Since they care more about getting “Top Dollar” for the seller, how can that possibly work to your advantage as a buyer?  It doesn’t.  Don’t call the listing agent or name on the sign or ad online!  Hire a buyer’s agent who will work hard for you for FREE.  Caveat emptor or, as they say, Buyer Beware.

best buyer's agent in boynton beach florida


Florida does not have dual agency.  Instead, agents work as transaction brokers – we work for the transaction.  Can an agent work both sides of the transaction?  Yes, they can.  But knowing the listing agent has a contract , a listing agreement, and may be working as a single agent with a fiduciary responsibility to the seller to get them the highest price possible, and their motivation for selling, what does that do for you as a buyer?  How does that help you?  It doesn’t.


buyers agents work for free in boynton beach fl 33473You need someone on your side, someone willing to fight for you.  That’s why you should always call a buyer’s agent.  Make sense?  I will explain buyer agency in Florida to you.  I’m a professional and know what to look for on inspections and how to write and negotiate a contract.  I can spot things and point them out to you on showings – good and bad.  I know the local market well and will help you every step of the way.




Buyer’s agents are FREE.  They are not going to charge you.  They get paid by the seller at closing.  So, I ask:  What have you got to lose?  My job is to find you the right house (which I can do whether you’re here or not once we’ve met), to get you there first among other things, to walk you through the transaction so you have no worries, to make sure all the t’s are crossed ad the i’s are dotted, to make your transaction as smooth as possible and get you to closing.  And, yes, I am there long after you close.  I have clients who call me from years ago for anything and most have become friends.


As a buyer’s agent, I work for you full time.  I am always on the lookout for anything I think may work.  I am going to help you find your dream home by discussing your requirements, wish list, style, location and price.  I will give you the pros and cons of each home, the benefits and drawbacks with regard to your needs.  I am going to get the pet restrictions for condos in Boca Raton, if you decide you want one and have a dog or cat or two.


I am going to explain the entire process to you from beginning (that first email, text or call) to the end to you.  I handle all detail work and negotiations.  You get a copy of everything you sign – most today are done electronically, help you find a lender, if need be, explain how the process goes from inspection to contingencies, mortgage and appraisal, walk through and, finally, to closing.


I do this and show anything that is on the market today.  I will go with you to Open Houses and New Construction.  No, you are not bothering me!  That is my job!


I help you with professionals, attorneys, lenders, mortgage brokers, whatever you need and keep the transaction moving along, making sure you understand what is happening.  I minimize the stress for you, and will work to solve any problems that may arise between contract and closing.  Being a retired court stenographer helps me be a better REALTOR®.


take a buyer's agent to that open house in boca raton flIf you are riding around and see a house that interests you, call me.  I will have the low-down in minutes.  If you wander into an open house, tell them you are working with me, lest the listing agent will want both sides, (think double commission as explained before).  Be on your guard at open houses.  Rarely does a house sell because it’s open.  The truth is real estate agents hold open houses to pick up buyers.  And that’s the truth!



I am a wealth of knowledge having lived in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach for the past 24 years about houses and trivia, and I am a buyer’s agent, an ABR.  I know the ins and out of the area and the communities well.  I am a full-time REALTOR®.  I won’t pass you off to another member of the team, that you may not care for, because I don’t work as a team.  I am the team.  When you hire me, you get me – not various other individuals.  You can reach me on my cell/text at any time.  I am available to you at any time.  Use my experience as a buyer’s agent in south Florida to benefit you!



Be smart when buying a condo in Boca Raton or Highland Beach, a house in Boynton Beach or a townhouse in Delray Beach, Florida.  Besides looking at listings online, hire a buyer’s agent to look out for your best interests.  And hire one who knows the local market well, not one an hour away.  It is impossible to know everything in every city.  Don’t hire a real estate agent who is not in the local area you are looking for a house in.


Do you really need to hire a buyer’s agent to get the job done?  Yes!  Yes!  I can’t stress it enough.  Hire a buyer’s agent!  Moving and looking for properties is stressful, especially when not all the information out there is correct.  Take the pressure off you for FREE!


All information deemed accurate but not guaranteed or warranted.
Should I Hire a Real Estate Agent



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